Beam Gas Compressor


Advantages of the Beam Gas Compressor

  • The BGC™ increases cash flow and production on existing wells.
  • The BGC™ utilizes the pumping unit as its prime mover and energy source.
  • The BGC™ moves liquid vapors down line with the gas and does not require a liquid dropout system during compression.
  • The BGC™ has few moving parts to wear out. It has NO gearbox or crankcase.
  • The BGC™ can be designed to operate in H2S and other corrosive environments.
  • The BGC™ is easy to install and the installation is simple because there are no complicated electrical controls or regulators.
  • The BGC™ is very portable and can be moved to other pumping wells with little effort.
  • The BGC™ has a good history of quick payout ranging from less than one month to one year. This depends on what your formation will give up by reducing the backpressure.
  • The BGC™ requires almost no maintenance or adjusting.
  • The BGC™ acts as a shock absorber for your rod pumping system at the point of the rod reversal.


The BGC™ prevents gas locking on  your downhole pump by moving the gas up the casing and away from the down hole pump resulting in increased pumping efficiency of the downhole pump.