Beam Gas Compressor


The BGC can be utilized on any one of the following applications

  1. The BGC™ is installed on oil wells to relieve restricting back pressure caused by production facilities and sales line pressure. Back pressure in the casing restricts the formations oil and gas production.
  2. The BGC™ is used to increase gas sales on wells with low bottom hole pressure by forcing gas into the sales line.
  3. The BGC™ is utilized to capture and compress vented gas into the sales lines, allowing the operator to comply with EPA requirements.
  4. The BGC™ is used to supply gas to operate lease equipment such as operators, natural gas engines, etc.
  5. The BGC™ is used on rod pumping gas wells to increase gas production and sales by drawing the produced gas up the casing and onto the flow line which relieves gas locking from the down hole pump.
  6. The BGC™ makes marginal wells profitable where an increase in production could mean the difference between making a profit or showing a loss.
  7. The BGC™ has applications where gas compression is needed in sour gas service. The BGC is manufactured to operate in extreme sour gas situations.
  8. The BGC™ is utilized in remote locations where dependable gas compression is required.

The dependable Beam Gas Compressor® and the Pump Jack make a reliable combination with and increase in profit.


The Beam Gas Compressor® can be utilized in all harsh environments. The BGC™ easily handles cold weather as found in the Rocky Mountains or Canada.