Beam Gas Compressor

Case Studies

Most companies measure success by how much they sell you. Permian Production Equipment, Inc. measures success by providing excellent customized quality equipment backed by support services that are second to none in the industry. Giving our customers an overall value that our competition cannot provide. Your success determines our success. Our commitment is to engineer equipment that works and to ensure a cost savings. It is a mark of excellence that you can count on. The following are just a few satisfied customers and their successes.

Case 1: Southwestern New Mexico reduced formation back pressure from 52 PSI to 0 PSI and oil production increased by 9 BOPD. Gas production increased by 10 MCFD.

Case 2: West Texas reduced formation back pressure from 34 PSI to -10 PSI. Oil production incerased by 27 BOPD and gas production increased by 17 MCFD.

Case 3: West Texas reduced formation back pressure from 35 PSI to 0 PSI. Oil production increased by 14 BOPD and gas production 24 MCFD.

You Do the Math...

At today's prices by increasing production by even 1 barrel of oil per day. That's a lot of green in your company's pocket.

Over 30 years of Installation Case Histories are available.