Beam Gas Compressor

Going Green

“Green Machine™” 



Midland, Texas April 10, 2010 - Throughout his career, Permian Production Equipment Inc., President, Charlie McCoy has listened with open ears to people who have suggestions about how to do something or to improve the way something is already being done. That's how he came to invent and patent the beam gas compressor® in the first place and how it came to have a new name after 30 years -  " The  Green Machine™". Beam gas compressors® are used, as the name implies, in beam-pumped wells that tend to gas lock. By pumping the gas out of a primarily oil-rich formation, the producer increases oil production and is able to sell or otherwise use the gas. With governments, both domestic and international, moving toward tighter controls on noise and emissions, McCoy believes his company is poised to see greater sales in all areas. From humble beginnings, PPEI now has over 6,000 installations in South America, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East as well as all around the United States and nearby the Permian Basin. Now oil and gas well operators are restricted from putting other types of skid and field compression units because of their large carbon and noise foot prints but they can now turn to "The Green Machine™". 

When more Production is the Question " The  Green Machine™" is the Solution!